A handy guide to rhinestone colors

Rhinestones come in an amazing array of colours, effects and coatings indeed. Here we will guide you through rhinestone colors and how they can use below.

Clear Crystal

This is a colourless, diamond-effect stone, with a mirrored foil backing to reflect the light. It is one of our most popular colours as it adds a luxurious feel to whatever you’re crystallizing indeed. We often use clear rhinestones for nail art, card making, bridal design, jewellery making, fashion and many other crafts. Because of their colourless nature, clear crystals can be used on almost anything and will work with every other colour.

AB Crystal 

AB (Aurora Borealis) gets its name from the natural phenomenon that occurs in certain skies at night known as the Northern Lights. It is a coated crystal that has a rainbow effect, much like a soap bubble, or sometimes described as an ‘oil on water effect. This is the most popular colour by far, especially in the performing arts world, the stunning AB-coated crystal reflects light superbly and looks gorgeous under spotlights. The coating reflects the colours that surround it so use pale colours for pinks, purples, pale blue and gold to shine through. Or use it on a darker background to see greens, yellows and darker shades of blue. We commonly use them in nail art, bridalwear, dance dresses, costume design and fashion. Like the Clear crystal, AB crystals work with any other colour so the possibilities are endless.

Special Effects/Coatings

Special effect crystals, also known as rhinestone coatings, are where a thin layer of material has been laid over the top of the crystal, coating it, to create an unusual effect. This could be metallic, iridescent or two-tone. These special effect crystals often give off more sparkle, looking amazing under the lights and are mainly used by nail technicians and Irish dance dressmakers.


Rhinestones of neon are bright and bold as the name suggests and even glow in the dark! Neon crystals are perfect for creating eye-catching designs within nail art, Irish dance and costume and jewellery making.

Standard Colors

Standard rhinestone colors make up the majority of the colour options, these are crystals that are just one colour throughout and have no effect or coating over the top. If you’re looking for a simple block colour in a variety of shades, go for one of these. Examples of standard colours are Light Siam (red), Fuchsia (pink), Citrine (yellow), Sapphire (blue) and Peridot (green). These are great for adding a splash of colour to your project and are used predominantly in costume making, Irish dance dresses, card making and general craft projects. You can choose between bright bold shades, pastel vintage style shades or neutral tones.

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