The production process of water diamond badges

water diamond badges

Here are the steps to demonstrate the production process of water diamond badges to customers:

1. Explain the design process:

Show the customers how the design is finalized and converted into a digital format to be used in the production process.

2. Show the cutting process:

Demonstrate how to cut the water diamond badges into desired shape using advanced machines and technology.

3. Display the injection process:

Explain how the badges are injected with water that turns into a gel-like substance, which is then frozen at a specific temperature to create a long-lasting effect.

4. Explain the finishing process:

Show the customers how to polish and coated with a protective layer for the badges to prevent scratches and damage.

5. Show examples of the final product:

Provide customers with examples of the finished water diamond badge to help them understand the end result and how it will look.

6. Offer additional information:

Address any questions the customers may have and provide additional information about the materials used and the durability of the product.

This will help customers make an informed decision about purchasing water diamond badges.

water diamond badges

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