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Guangzhou AA-STAR Garment accessories Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou AA-STAR Garment accessories Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, our company follows the international popular front, grasps fashion information, and have long time cooperation with the international well-known brand ZARA, H&M, C&A, GIORGIO ARMANI, HUGO BOSS, BALENCIAGA, and so on.

Our main products are rhinestone transfers, silicone heat transfers, laser cutting hotfix transfers, vacuum forming motifs, and acrylic stone patches. Our team have strong sense of responsibility, proficient business, and hardworking! Bravely to the industry peak! Welcome to come and visit our company!

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We are specialized in t-shirt, hoodies, hotfix tape, motif, rhinestones, antique dome, rhine studs, lace, and handmade applique.

Rhinestone Transfer

Silicone Heat Transfer

Rhinestone Sheet

Rhinestone Patch

All of our products through SGS, Intertek, BVQI, UL and other testing agencies testing. In particular, the products passed the 3-5-year-old children’s special environmental requirements.

We upgrade product transformation constantly. With continuous innovation and hardworking, we achieved every technical challenge,and we gain more than 10 patented technology and the national patent certificate. In April 2020, we are successfully listed in Guangzhou equity Center, Stock code:892676, in November 2020, We are successfully passed the national High-tech enterprises certification.Welcome to cooperate with us.


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We have a professional R&D team, which can be customized according to your requirements.


We have more than 20 years of industry experience and are very confident in our products.


We have our own production factory, professional production equipment, and have more than 20 years of export experience.


Our company's enterprise culture is "solving problems for customers; excellent quality and services at the fairest price".


One-stop Textile Industry Manufacturer

Our company has established stable cooperative relationships with more than 20 well-known fashion design brands around the world and offers them one-stop services, men’s clothing, hot fix rhinestone motif, and wholesale garment accessories. We can offer free design and the free sample and hot fix motif design integrated into a variety of fashion elements with customer needs. We are specialized in t-shirt, hoodies, hotfix tape, motif, rhinestones, antique dome, rhine studs, lace, and handmade applique.

Via strict and systematic management, all aspects of each order including quotation, sample development, testing report, bulk production, quality checking, packing, and shipment arrangement are well controlled. Our main export markets are Europe, America, and Southeast Asia with high quality, competitive price, and timely delivery. Our customized products completely comply with European environmental requirements, like the SGS testing standards. We have established offices in Guangzhou and Yiwu. You are welcomed to visit our office and factory anytime.


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